The bear photos keep coming

Watershed Post readers sure have seen a lot of bears. We've featured two posts with reader-submitted bear photos so far this month, and more just keep coming in. Here are the latest.

Below, a photo by Brian Albanese, taken by his "stealth cam" on September 26. He writes: "This was taken on Public access land in the Cannonsville Reservoir! I guess you can call them The Cannonsville Cubs!"

Below: A photo by KC Jones, taken on July 13, 2012. "This bear was less than three feet from my front door in Roxbury."

Below: A 2011 bear photo by Mary Herrmann. "This is my bear photo from 2011. It was taken about 4 am, I happened to be up and noticed a ‘black ghost’ pass the door. I don’t know if you can use it, it’s dark, but notice the cat on the picnic table is not even bothered."

Finally, a bear in Kerhonkson, photographed by By Pete Calandra. "Right out the front door, 20 feet from our house."

For all of our bear photos, check out our growing Flickr slideshow collection below. And remember: if you send us a bear photo, it counts towards earning a Catskills "Where The Wild Things Are" badge! (We're gearing up to send out the first round of badges soon.) Send photos to -- and make sure to tell us when and where you took the picture.