Kingston shenanigans, part 2: Brush piles

Earlier this week, it was gazebos. Now, the governing elite of Kingston have moved on to another civic spat -- this one over an illegal pile of brush that a city alderman had removed from his curb last week.

Once again, the quotes are priceless, as Kingston's Public Works Superintendent, Michael Schupp, tells the Daily Freeman exactly how illegally large the debris pile belonging to the offending alderman, Robert Senor, was:

Schupp, a former alderman, said the legal amount to put out at any one time is about the size of a washer and dryer put together. He said Senor had the equivalent of about six sets of washers and dryers on front of his home on Friday.

Senor, meanwhile, is insisting that he did nothing wrong:

“I am not above the law,” said Senor, who complained to Schupp earlier this month about the timeliness of yard waste collections.

But Schupp says that he only removed Senor's debris after the alderman ...

...became “all hot-headed.”

Schupp also helpfully gave the Freeman an exact number for of many tax dollars were wasted by Senor's personal city-funded garbage service:

Schupp said a three-man crew received a total of $83 in overtime pay for the time they spent removing the debris from Senor’s curb.