Kingston gazebo drama!

We're not sure what those Kingston elected officials are smoking, but it must be potent. An article in the Freeman today has the scoop on a kerfuffle over whether or not to put a gazebo in Forsyth T.R. Gallo Park, and it's got some of the most hilarious quotes we've ever seen in a west-of-Hudson print outlet. 

The backstory: There's about $19,000 in the recreation budget that's got to be spent on recreation one way or another. Mayor James Sottile wants to spend about $4,000 of it on a new gazebo. But city council members are balking, because there's lots of other stuff that needs fixing. Clearly they must settle their differences via freestyle battle rap.

Here's mayor James Sottile:

Sottile said criticism by other aldermen over his suggestion for the gazebo was like firing bullets at him.

“They ought to be careful because those bullets may ricochet and ... you just might get hit,” Sottile said.

And here's alderman Bill Reynolds:

Reynolds said that the mayor “is not making sense at all.

“He is well aware of the problems, at least he should be,” Reynolds said. “And if he is not reading his e-mails, he should get on the cush and go take a look for himself,” he said using the nickname of a vehicle the mayor rides around in looking for graffiti.

Get on the cush? Ricocheting bullets? Will somebody please put a beat loop on this?