NY Post: "Catskills are the new Montauk"

Above: Catskills v. Hamptons T-shirts on The Graham & Co.'s Instagram page in 2013

The "Year of the Catskills" continues: On Tuesday, June 23, the New York Post's Page Six gossip column quotes an "NYC nightlife guru" as saying that, yes, the Catskills are the new Hamptons:

Nur Khan — the nightlife fixture behind Rose Bar and Electric Room — has declared the Catskills “the new Montauk.” “I think the Catskills are the place to be,” the club vet [told us] . . . Montauk’s “run its course . . . the Catskills are what Montauk was when Andy Warhol and Peter Beard and the Stones [were there] in like ’71, ’72.”

The Graham & Co. hotel in Phoenicia started this "vacation spot rumble" in 2013, and commemorated the new Catskills v. Hamptons rivalry with T-shirts. Two years later, it looks like we have a winner. 

Ironically, as Khan was declaring the Catskills the new Montauk, he was in Montauk, the New York Post reports.