Lark in the Park hosts dozens of guided Catskills excursions

The annual Lark in the Park kicks off this weekend on Saturday, Oct. 3 and runs for a week through Columbus Day on Monday, Oct. 12. This annual celebration originated in 2004 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Catskill Park, and is an opportunity to immerse yourself in all things Catskills.

The Catskill Center for Conservation and Development, the Catskill Mountain Club and the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference throw a 10-day party for the Catskills at the peak of the glorious autumn foliage season, a time that many feel is the best time of year: no heat, humidity or bugs.

Above: Portage at Colgate Lake in Greene County. Photo by Karl Anshanslin. 

This year, dozens of events are planned—there are hikes to high and low Catskill peaks, educational outings (explore and map first growth forest with a renowned Catskills botanist Michael Kudish), fly fishing excursions, bike rides and paddles to the Pepacton Reservoir.

Learn to use a handsaw on the trail, hunt for mushrooms, see raptors up close, try your luck at woodland survival, and see the forest at night on a special guided night hike. There are activities for every ability level from kids to elders, all led by experts. See the entire list by clicking here.

Catskills Lark in the Park. Saturday, Oct. 3 through Monday, Oct. 12.

Below: Wildlife rehabilitator Annie Mardiney and one of the birds she will bring to Woodchuck Lodge in Roxbury Saturday, Oct. 3 at 1 p.m., part of the Lark in the Park series of events.