Wind from the east will "stress the trees in an unusual manner"

In an email sent this afternoon, Ulster County Emergency Services Director Arthur Snyder wrote that Ulster County is now under a "high wind warning," partially because the storm winds will be coming from the east, an unusual direction. That will "stress the trees in an unusual manner," he writes:

We are still expecting a 3" rain event, higher amounts in the mountains (up to 6" or so). A flood watch remain in effect from Monday into Tuesday. Areas mentioned in previous reports continue to be of concern. Additionally, the combined effects of tidal influences with high river levels focus concern on areas like downtown Kingston. We are now under a high wind warning. Sustained winds of 30-40 MPH with 60 MPH gusts (70 in the mountains) are still expected. Note that the winds will come from the east, as opposed to normal westerly direction. This will stress the trees in an unusual manner. The timing of the worst wind and rain will be from Monday afternoon into Monday evening and into Tuesday.