Should the Catskills stop trying to be the Hamptons?

David Knudsen, who chronicles the Sullivan County real estate market on his blog, has a provocative proposal for Sullivan County. Instead of striving to fulfill the second home dreams of the "arugula and goat cheese set," he writes, Sulllivan County should court a different demographic:

Maybe instead of trying so hard to be the "new Catskills", trying to compete with Saratoga and the Hamptons, we should go back and reinvent ourselves as the "old Catskills", where first and second generational immigrants could enjoy a welcoming and affordable escape from the dense urban environment.

For the past decade, we've focused on the arugula and goat cheese set as the core of the Sullivan Renaissance. But maybe it's time to broaden our horizons.

One way to set this vision of the Catskills in motion, according to Knudsen: a summer soccer league.

If Knudsen's suggestion is realized, that would mean the end of breathless features in New York Magazine about all the stars in them thar Catskills hills.