Nevele bought at auction

Ellenville's floundering, decrepit, once-glittery Nevele Grande Resort has been sold. Finally.

Brooklyn builder Raphael Weiss of Tricon Development partnered with the Giluet Foundation is in contract to buy the resort from the Stratford Business Corporation. Sources estimate the price at around $20 million.

The Times Herald-Record has a little more on Weiss's plans (which, mercifully, don't involve casino gambling):

"The Nevele will be a class A resort with at least 500 people working there," said Rafi Weiss, president of Tricon Development, the group that plans to buy the storied resort. "It will have world-class amenities, just like the good old days."

Here's hoping Weiss can turn the Nevele around. You know you've got problems when your customers are so peeved they build a website devoted to telling everybody how much you suck. There's even a T-shirt: [img_assist|nid=16077|title=I Survived The Nevele|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=350|height=350]