Catskills Food and Drink Maps

Above: Detail of a 2015 "Visit a Catskills Farm" map. 

Drive a couple of hours north of New York City, and you’ll be where your food comes from. The Catskills are home to farms and food producers that make the 100-mile trek to NYC’s greenmarkets and grocery stores every week. Now you can visit them in return.

The 2015 Catskills Food Guide print Food and Drinks Maps aim to introduce visitors and locals to the bounty of the region.

The "Drink the Catskills" map lists 22 Catskills beverage makers that make beer, wine, cider and spirits. Unfold the map fully to find a "Visit a Catskills Farm" map, which lists 49 local farms that welcome visitors.

The map keys show which beverage destinations have tasting rooms and which farms offer on-farm dining and farm stays. The whole thing is detachable: Pull it out of the Catskills Food Guide and take it with you.

For more on how to eat and drink your way through the Catskills, pick up a free print copy of the Catskills Food Guide, or download a digital version to read on your device. For a list of places to find your print copy, click here.

Special thanks to Transition Catskills, the sponsor of the 2015 Catskills Food and Drinks Maps.

Below: The "Drink the Catskills" map.