Shandaken Community Gardens (SCG) plots available now for 2014

By DJJulie, Wed, 3/26/2014 - 6:41 pm


Juliet Greenwood, Membership Coordinator 845-202-1117

Shandaken Community Gardens volunteer steering committee and members spent the 2013 season building a 26-plot garden from the ground up, growing a bountiful harvest, enjoying and donating that harvest, hosting arts and gardening events, and preparing the way for future seasons.  Now is the time for you to get involved and claim one of the beautifully prepared plots for your 2014 garden!

Within the organic, non-GMO, community-run garden located at Phoenicia Elementary School there are a number of available10ft by 10ft, raised beds with beautiful compost soil.  For annual membership dues of $25.00 per year and a one-time infrastructure donation of $25.00, you can join the group of gardeners from Shandaken and the surrounding area who shared in the creation, maintenance, and community spirit of Shandaken Community Gardens.  Scholarships are available.

The infrastructure that SCG gardeners can now enjoy includes an eight-foot deer fence with lockable gates, a shared tool shed, compost bins, water barrels and spigot for convenient "water wise" irrigation, lovely seating, a group-tended community circleflower garden, and available advice from our Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners and other experienced gardeners on the steering committee.  In other words, first-time gardeners are welcome!  There are also many opportunities to participate in foodactivism on the local level, and further growth of the Gardens as a community resource for "the shared experience of growing food, flowers and herbs", as the mission states.

We officially start the season, breaking into the winter-rested ground, at the end of April!