Photos from the Stamford Auto Show

Above: Photo from the Stamford Auto Show on July 1. Taken by Flickr user mountain_man_ny_2; shared in the Watershed Post's Flickr group pool.

On Sunday, the Stamford Rotary Club held its 34th annual Auto Show at 159 West Main Street. David, a local photographer who goes by mountain_man_ny_2 on Flickr, took some great photos, and kindly shared them in our Flickr group pool. (Thanks David!)

The pickup truck in the photo below is the work of local artist Kurt Piller. (Note the "Frodo Lives" and "Caution: Weird Load" slogans.) Piller has also worked on a series of psychedelic billboards leading to Secret Caverns, an underground cave and tourist attraction near Cobleskill.

To see these photos, and many more from around the Catskills, in all their high-res glory, check out the group pool.