Letter to the editor: Rebecca Balzac runs for Onteora school board

To the editor:

I am Rebecca Balzac and I am running for the Onteora Board of Education. After speaking with residents of the district, some with children in the Onteora schools and some whose children have graduated, I have become very aware of a dissatisfaction with the direction that the district is currently taking.   Those things that traditionally support our schools are shrinking, such as enrollment and state aid.  The need for fiscal responsibility and confidence in the Board of Education is stronger then ever.

Even though the reconfiguration plan has been decided, the Board is still trying to settle major issues.  The next several months, possibly years, will be a time of transition with more difficult decisions to be made.  These are decisions that will not only affect the elementary school children, but the whole district.  Our resources will dictate what programs can be offered to the middle and high school students, important issues as they prepare for college.  The ability to attract and keep students will affect our budget and tax base, important issues for all taxpayers and voters.

With two children in elementary school, one who is almost done and one just starting, I hope to be a part of those decisions. I believe that we should be a district about students and success and that with everyone working together we can be, with a Board that represents all of our district.

Thank you for support on May 15th.


Rebecca L. Balzac

Shokan, NY