Greenville board rejects cell tower

Greenville has just written the next chapter in the ongoing story of bringing expanded cell service to the region. The Daily Mail is reporting that the Greenville town board unanimously voted down a proposal from T-Mobile to install a cell tower atop a water tower in town. The vote took place at the board's monthly meeting on Monday.

The proposal, which was submitted by T-Mobile and would have included lease terms for use of the water tower, was ultimately doomed by concerns over the age and structural soundness of the water tower itself.

Greenville Maintenance and Water Supervisor Leroy Bear also expressed reservations: “The water tower probably wouldn’t even support a cell tower,” explaining that due to the age of the water tower (it is between 30 and 40 years old), any welding done to it would cause damage. “For the amount T-Mobile is offering us, it’s just not a possibility” said Bear.