Catskills films make it to Sundance

Catskills locals are makng a splash among the nation's most avid cinemaphiles at the Sundance Film Festival this week.

David France, the owner of Margareville's Galli-Curci building (appropriately, a former movie theater), is a festival darling with his documentary about AIDS in the 1980s, "How to Survive a Plague." Check out the Sundance Channel's interview with him about the flim above. More info in a Sundance Channel article here.

The Hudson Valley's own Oscar-winning Melissa Leo starred in Predisposed, another Sundance pick, which was produced by BCDF, a Hudson-Valley-based film studio. The Woodstock Film Festival has a full list of Sundance films with local connections, including two more films from BCDF and movie called Keep the Lights On, which was shot locally.

Even the Walton dump made an appearance at Sundance, in 3-minute film called "The Landfill." Bet you never thought you'd see that on the silver screen.