Around the blogshed: "Denn"-izens, giant cupcakes and sad stories about goats edition

Above: Christine Leas and Mary Buchen in fetching hats planting peonies at the new community garden in Denning. Photo by Ed Mues, used by permission. More where that came from at the Denning Denizen.

After a generally busy news week fraught with election coverage and cocaine busts and fires and oil spills, it's finally the weekend.  Here's what you may have missed.

  • Unofficial, unsanctioned award for Best Local Blog I Just Heard About Yesterday goes to: The Denning Denizen. (And it's not just because the name is amusing and perfect!) Hyperlocal news of note for the town of Denning which had, as of the 2010 census, just a hair over 550 residents. Highlights: managing dial-up in a high-speed world, a local horticulture column, notes from local businesses and more. Bravo.
  • Upstater tells an amazing story about the hardest part of farming, and the brutal truth that sometimes the beginning of life has a sad ending.
  • As though our weekend section didn't have enough for you to do this weekend, there's an opportunity for you to eat 30,000 cupcakes
  • Ramp-mania: an account of foraging for edibles near New Kingston.

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