Around the blogshed: Higher ground

Above: If you like weather bulletins in ALL CAPS and maps WITH ALL THE COLORS, has the National Weather Service got a forecast for you. The immediate projected path of Hurricane Sandy is indicated in red.

Obviously, Catskillians (Catskillers? Catskillets?) are a hardy bunch and while you've all worked to clean up and move on, this week may prove to be a time when all the lessons learned in 2011 could be put to the test.  Of course, I'm talking about the rumors of mountain lions roaming our fair mountainscape.  Just kidding.  Now, a look at what's been going on around the blogshed ahead of the wild weather predicted for next week:

The Watershed Post will be reporting 'round-the-clock should Mother Nature not feel like doing us any favors next week. Have a great weekend!