Letter to the Editor: Jon Sennett for Ulster County DA

To the editor:

I was elated to hear that Jon Sennett is running for Ulster County District Attorney. I am a partner in a large Mid-Hudson law firm, but years ago as Assistant DA in the Bronx, it was Sennett who trained me, on-the-job in one of the toughest crime fighting jurisdictions in the country.

Jon Sennett trained me how to interact with detectives, uninformed officers and onlookers at homicide scenes, to protect evidence and witnesses, to assist in finding criminals and to insure successful prosecution for the killings. He also trained me to turn every stone, follow every lead and to build a powerful case backed by meticulously pieced puzzles of evidence and to make sure testimony was tight and facts were accurate. Moreover, he trained me how to break down the defense in the court room with decisive cross-examination of defendants and defense witnesses.

It was Sennett who trained me to have compassion for the victims of crimes by dedicating each day working diligently in investigations to ensure justice was served. I

I see what is happening here in our region as cities like Newburgh and Kingston experience violent crime in our streets and our schools. The people of Ulster County have a great opportunity to have Jon Sennett fighting crime and corruption. He is experienced, very smart and dedicated to fighting crime at all levels. He is well prepared and ready to be the Ulster County DA. Jon Sennett will be an effective, decisive, passionate and ethical Ulster County District Attorney.

Paul S. Ernenwein