Fear and loathing onstage in Margaretville

Bad dress rehearsal means a good opening night. At least that's what they say in the thyu-tuh -- and it seems to have been true for the Margaretville Central School's performance of Carousel for their classmates this week, according to beleaguered director Marjorie Miller.

It was painful to watch but it served a marvelous purpose in focusing their attention, fear does that. I told them on a scale of one to ten with ten being the best, their work that afternoon was a two (and I was being kind). One of my leading ladies forgot the words to her song (June is Busting Out All Over) and while she dried up her compatriots turned into pillars of salt. Actually they already were salt, her drying up merely added insult to injury. Seeing a group of teens stand in line (firing line....), eyes glassy with terror, when they should be bouncy and happy with the fervor of MUSIC THEATRE.....arg.

Mercifully, last night's show for the community at large was much better, she says.

[T]he kids did a great job, tonight will be even (knock wood) better and tomorrow I can rest, rest, rest. Hallelujah!