Kingston bear not a caffeine addict

The bear that wandered around Kingston yesterday morning had encounters with several passersby and a "small dog" that chased it into a tree, according to the Daily Freeman. But it didn't help itself to a cup of coffee.

The Freeman story says that one Kingston resident, Rich Fox, "saw the bear again as he was drinking coffee on his back porch."

This phrasing perplexed a commenter calling himself "Paul the poet":

This sounds funny to me--a fox sees a bear drinking coffee on his back porch--I know who was on the porch but for one ambiguous moment I got a chuckle out of the wording. Is it a revised version like the one that‘s about pandas—eats shoots and leaves? ... I certainly hope the bear wasn’t looking for a decently priced cup of coffee and he takes it black if he does drink it. "