Hydrofracking: Paladino presses on, DRBC hangs back

A new mobile investigative outfit called After The Press, founded by Kingston resident Paul Joffe, is marching to a different drum than most of their media fellows. They're not trying to be objective. And they're not trying to beat other reporters to big stories. On the contrary: Their stated mission is to show up at the scene of a big story a few days after it breaks, comment on how their fellow reporters have been covering it, and stick around to provide more in-depth coverage and analysis after the breaking-news teams have packed up and gone home. (Check out their mission statement if you're curious.)

In this clip, posted on YouTube yesterday, Joffe follows Carl Paladino after a public appearance in Kingston on October 12, to get him to talk about his views on hydrofracking. Paladino says he's in favor of drilling, except for the New York City watershed -- a position Joffe clearly doesn't think much of.

For Carl Paladino, it's like a risky experiment. Which it is. But that's OK with him, as long as it doesn't affect New York City.

In other gas drilling news, the Delaware River Basin Commission, which was expected to issue regulations on gas drilling by now (an act that would put an end to the DRBC's moratorium on most drilling in their jurisdiction), has announced yet again that they're going to need some more time.

Hat tip to Steve Hopkins for the YouTube link.