Gas drilling double feature picture show

In Roscoe tomorrow: Flyfishers, filmmakers, and other folks are meeting at Roscoe Central School to watch Gasland and talk about fracking. The event starts at noon, and is open to the public. From an announcement posted on our local-business news channel by Pepacton Natural Foods owner Laurie Spaeth:

An open-structure audience discussion will follow the films. Likely subjects of the discussion will be how hunting, fishing, retail, and real estate in Roscoe (“Trout Town USA”) and the surrounding areas may be affected by the advance of the industrial-scale gas extraction that is planned for NYS.

While most of the silver-screen portion of the program will be devoted to Gasland, the HBO-syndicated documentary that brought the battle over the Marcellus into living rooms across America, there's also a new film on the program: a sneak preview of David Morris's new documentary Frack This.

Morris, who hails from Hancock, will be on hand for the discussion, as well as a couple of other special guests: flyfishing guide Joe DeMalderis, and Julie and Craig Sautner, a Dimock, PA couple whose water has been contaminated and who appeared in Gasland.

For more on the Sautners, check out local radio host Sabrina Artel's video interview with them, for her show Trailer Talk: