Anti-frackers gear up to protest frac job in Cherry Valley

Akira Ohiso at Zinc Plate Press recently captured photographic evidence of anti-fracking graffiti taggers in Livingston Manor.

Speaking of fracking: An anti-drilling group called Action Otsego is planning a protest this Thursday, near a hydrofractured well in Cherry Valley that is soon to be fracked again.

A press release from Gastem, which operates the Sheckells well on Irish Hollow Road in Cherry Valley, says that the well (and another near Maryland, NY) will be fracked for experimental purposes:

Gastem CA:GMR 0.00 is pleased to announce that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has authorized Gastem USA to hydraulically fracture the Marcellus Shale formation in the Ross No. 1 well and stimulate the upper section of the Utica Shale in the Sheckell's No. 1 well. The fracture treatments will evaluate the production potential of these zones that could substantially increase the per well recoverable resource base in the two wells which previously had only stimulated the lower Utica shale section.. Gastem has an 80% working interest in more than 33,000 acres of leases, primarily in Otsego County, and is operator of the project.

Like most frac wells, the Sheckell's well in Cherry Valley is pretty far off the beaten track, making a large and highly visible protest rather unlikely. But the protesters are undeterred. From a Facebook event they posted:

Having had a number of positive responses to the idea of a gathering on Thurs Nov 11 @ 4-?, by the CV-S school, we will be going ahead with this protest. A few comments addressed the possibility of a low turnout due to possible harsh weather late in the season, & a somewhat country location. But, worrying about turnout is not in the spirit of a protest vigil.