Dec. 1, 2015
“Do we need money to operate? Does a bear do his business up the Barkaboom?” –Ryan Trapani, co-host From the Forest After more than 5 years of serving the Catskills region with community information and wildly diverse music, WIOX Community Radio finally... Read more
Nov. 4, 2015
Uninformed sources report an unconfirmed “melee” at a station staff meeting when Around the World program host, Jenny Faison, innocently asked everyone to join her in a team-building yoga exercise as she chanted Teddy Bear’s Picnic in Tibetan. But what... Read more
Oct. 7, 2015
No listeners harmed; Catskills communities safer and better informed than ever. “For years we were aware of all the great music shows on WIOX, but imagine our surprise when we began digging a little deeper to find a whole cache of talk shows on all kinds... Read more
Sep. 19, 2015
Alan Reynolds is on-the-air every Saturday at 4 pm. *AND* he'll do his best to satisfy requests! He says: "If you've got a particular song or artist you'd like to hear, maybe you've got a birthday or anniversary to share, comments, questions, whatever it... Read more
Sep. 12, 2015
This signature quarterly event is always worth waiting for. We begin at 6 with a community potluck — always outstanding — and at 7 the lights go down and the live radio broadcast begins. You can listen to it on WIOX community radio at 91.3 FM, or... Read more
Aug. 24, 2015
“Dogs have been listening for 35 years…” Ellen Wong, co-host of The Farm Hour on WIOX. On August 27, WIOX Community Radio, Delaware County’s first and only non-commercial- educational radio station, celebrates 5 years of broadcasting to the central... Read more
Jun. 15, 2015
NPR One is your new source for all of your favorite WSKG and NPR programming. It’s news and information hand-picked for you, on your schedule. It is NPR’s new digital listening app that blends NPR and WSKG news, and creates a localized, on demand... Read more