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Apr. 20, 2013
I uploaded a short excerpt from my documentary in progress, "Rails to the Catskills" to YouTube. This segment is about the Catskill Mountain Railroad - a tourist train operating in Kingston and in the Phoenicia area.The complete documentary will tell the... Read more
Apr. 4, 2013
Rails to the Catskills In 1913, the Ulster & Delaware Railroad completed its move of 11 miles of track to the northern edge of the nearly completed Ashokan Reservoir.  During fishing season, if you are currently licensed and holding a NY City DEP... Read more
Mar. 14, 2013
THE ASHOKAN – WATER AND ICE About once a week, I make the trip over the West Hurley Dike to the Town of Hurley Transfer Station on Dug Hill Road. Often the pleasant experience of watching the changing face of the Ashokan Reservoir compell me to pull off... Read more
Feb. 23, 2013
RAILS TO THE CATSKILLS – POSTCARD HISTORY Beginning in the late 19th century railroads and their stations, as well as steamboats, were painted and photographed to be reproduced as postcards. Before email, postcards were the popular way to let someone... Read more
Feb. 10, 2013
Travelers to the Catskills by rail often rode over bridges that were a marvel of engineering.  Here are a few images of bridges we've collected while researching our documentary, Rails to the Catskills.  They include the bridge at Poughkeepsie, now known... Read more
Feb. 1, 2013
Violets and Valentines As Valentine's Day approaches it's fun to recall the ways violets were once the flower of choice for celebrating this romantic holiday and some of the historical associations that violets carry with them. It's recorded that St.... Read more
Jan. 21, 2013
The New York, Ontario & Western has some affectionate knicknames, such as the “Old & Weary,” the “Old Woman,” and “the “Old & Wobbly.” Whatever you call it, the O&W has a long and storied history, eventually winding its way from the Great... Read more
Jan. 7, 2013
One of the most interesting parts of collecting images for our documentary, Rails to the Catskills, has to be walking tracks and finding intriguing rail beds and places along the former Ulster & Deleware tracks. Here are some spots we have found... Read more
Dec. 26, 2012
When the Ulster & Delaware opened its Kingston Point station in 1895, it became possible to take a steamboat from Manhattan to Kingston and get onboard the U&D for a ride directly to the Catskills.  The park was a magnet in itself, and many... Read more
Dec. 19, 2012
Beginning in the 1820's, the high peaks of the northern Catskills attracted visitors to the hotel and boarding houses located throughout the region. The Catskill Mountain House was famed worldwide for its setting on the eastern escarpment of the... Read more
Dec. 6, 2012
As part of our documentary “Rails to the Catskills,” we are exploring both the vintage and contemporary history of trains in the Catskills. When the Ulster & Delaware ran through the Catskill Mountains, it traveled from Rondout through Kingston, then... Read more
Nov. 23, 2012
We are pleased to announce that Joma Cafe on Rt 28A in West Shokan is now carrying our local history DVDs.  Deep Water: Building the Catskill Water System, The Catskill Mountain House and The World Around and Sweet Violets make great holiday gifts, and... Read more
Nov. 22, 2012
When the Ashokan Reservoir was built, the Ulster & Delaware Railroad was forced to relocate nearly 12 miles of track from the valley of the Esopus Creek, soon to be under water.  The tracks were moved close to what is now Route 28, running from West... Read more
Nov. 7, 2012
We're pleased to announce that our Catskill Mountains/Hudson Valley history DVDs can now be found at Woodstock General Supply, 33 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY. Stop by and see their offerings and start filling your holiday gift list with Deep Water, The... Read more
Nov. 4, 2012
Photos: Copyright Tobe Carey The Boiceville Trestle was part of the main thoroughfare on the old Ulster and Delaware westward from Kingston.  It crossed the Esopus Creek at Boiceville on supports and rails that were damaged or destroyed in Hurricane... Read more
Oct. 19, 2012
The Catskill Mountain House and The World Around will be shown at The Hudson River Maritime Museum on the Rondout in Kingston on Wednesday October 24th at 7PM. The documentary won a Gold Remi award at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival... Read more
Oct. 15, 2012
As I collect materials for our new documentary, "Rails to the Catskills," I am able to spend some time walking the old U&D tracks west of Kingston.  These rails are currently leased to the Catskill Mountain Railroad, which is pushing ahead to... Read more
Oct. 6, 2012
The history of canals and railroads in our region includes many bridges of note.  Here are a few images I've gathered in researching our new documentary, "Rails to the Catskills."  The images include a D&H Canal bridge, the West Shore RR bridge at... Read more
Sep. 26, 2012
Photo credits: Stanley Kunitz: Cheryl Richards  - Tobe Carey: Meg Carey It may seem  a curious thing that there’s a connection between the Ashokan Reservoir and former Poet Laureate of the United States, the late Stanley Kunitz, but it’s true.  A few... Read more
Sep. 23, 2012
There remains an intense interest in the building of the Ashokan Reservoir among local citizens.  Last year we were gifted a collection of period photographs from a relative of someone who worked at the Ashokan during its construction.  Here are a few... Read more