Rails to the Catskills...walking the line

As I collect materials for our new documentary, "Rails to the Catskills," I am able to spend some time walking the old U&D tracks west of Kingston.  These rails are currently leased to the Catskill Mountain Railroad, which is pushing ahead to rehabilitate and improve the line with hopes of eventually making their rail ride stretch from Kingston to Phoenicia along the Ashokan Reservoir and NY State Route 28.

Here are some recent pictures I gathered while walking the line.  The top image shows George Peck working on the Longyear Switch, near Mt. Pleasant.  The remainder of the pictures were taken near the Glenford Cut, where a major U&D accident occred in the 1930s.  To contact the Catskill Mountain Railroad or to offer your services as a volunteer, visit their web site at http://catskillmtrailroad.com/.

I am still seeking images of Catskill railroads, be it from the northern region or the Borscht Belt to the south.  If you have any to share, please contact me at video@hvc.rr.com.