Rails to the Catskills - The Glenford Dike

When the Ashokan Reservoir was built, the Ulster & Delaware Railroad was forced to relocate nearly 12 miles of track from the valley of the Esopus Creek, soon to be under water.  The tracks were moved close to what is now Route 28, running from West Hurley to Boiceville.  One of the stretches crosses the Glenford Dike, which we recently visited to gather some images for use in our documentary, Rails to the Catskills.

Here are a few of the photographs of the dike, including an historical shot that shows the dike when it was on the Ulster & Delaware mainline.  Just west of the dike the rails run off into the woods, through a stand of beautiful birches and on to the Glenford cut which was featured in a previous posting. If the Catskill Mountain Railroad can bring their expansion plans to fruition, perhaps one day we'll see trains again running on the Glenford Dike and through the cut.

We welcome railroad related images and ephemera for possible use in Rails to the Catskills.

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