Hans Karl Breslauer's 'City Without Jews'

Sunday, February 6, 2022 - 2:00pm


The Rosendale Theatre 408 Main Street
Rosendale , NY 12472
United States
New York US

Jews are expelled from the city of Utopia in Breslauer's chilling tale of antisemitism

Conceived as a dark satire, 'City Without Jews' takes place in the city of Utopia where The Christian Social Party see themselves 'ruled by the Jews'. They therefore pas a law forcing all Jews to emigrate by the end of the year and is enthusiastically received by the non-Jewish population. At first, the mandate is met with celebration, but when the citizens eventually come to terms with the loss of the Jewish population – and the resulting economic and cultural decline – the Utopian government must decide if they should invite the Jews back and to live together in tolerance. Due to the implicit political critique,it no longer screened in Continental Europe after 1933, and was not shown again until 2015. Based on the book by Hugo Bettauer who was assassinated by a national socialist fanatic in Vienna in 1925.
Silent Film with live accompaniment by Marta Waterman.

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The Rosendale Theatre 408 Main Street
Rosendale , NY 12472