DTC completes Segment-1 of Delaware County Broadband Initiative

DTC is proud to announce that they have completed their 1st segment of the Delaware County Broadband Initiative project. This segment, passing approximately 80 homes in the Town of Kortright, includes Kiff Brook, McArthur Hill, John Rice Road, Crowe Road, Dancing Street and the southern end of Roberts Road.  Many installations have been completed and more are being scheduled.

We recently placed a remote central office building centrally located in the Town of Kortright build area to accommodate the additional fiber distribution we are working on.

Our crews have moved to our Segment 2 construction of Turnpike Road from Elk Creek to County route 33, Turk Road, the northern end of Roberts Road, and Irish Hill Road.  We will announce service availability as each road is completed.

As our construction crews are seen in your neighborhood, we want to encourage the spark of excitement and communication.  Please feel free to contact us to show your interest and for updates on the build and our progress.  Information can be found on our website, www.delhitel.com, and will be updated as new information becomes available. You can also contact us by emailing custserv@delhitel.com or calling 607-746-1500.

Broadband has been a hot topic since the announcement was made that Delaware County would receive 2.9 Million in matching New York State grant funding. The DCBI project is a partnership between MTC Cable, DTC Cable and Delaware County Electric Cooperative (DCEC).  The project will extend over 210 miles of fiber optic facilities passing 1800 un-served and underserved households, businesses, and anchor institutions of the DCEC membership located within the townships of Andes, Colchester, Hamden, Hardenburgh, Harpersfield, Jefferson, Kortright, and Meredith.