Two vehicles crash into two houses in Delaware County

The Walton Reporter has on-the-scene reporting from the Delaware County town of Colchester, where a tractor trailer apparently smashed into a home around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 15. The driver of the truck has been injured, the paper reports

A medical emergency helicopter was on the scene to transport the driver of the truck to a trauma center. Residents, Paul Siegel and family, inside the home located at 3691 Fuller Hill Road, were not injured in the crash.

The garage, attached to the residence, was torn away from the home in the collision. The collision also forced the vehicles stored inside the garage through the structure and onto the lawn.

This is one of two vehicle-meets-building crashes to happen in Delaware County during the same morning, according to the Daily Star. A vehicle also crashed into a home on State Route 23 just outside Oneonta, the Star reports

Shortly before the crash in Downsville, reports were heard of a vehicle into a house at 8129 State Route 23, east of the Mountainview Mobile Home Park.

State police said the driver of the vehicle on state Route 23 had a medical emergency, swerved off the road, then crossed back across oncoming traffic and hit the house's front door. The driver and a passenger were transported to A.O. Fox Hospital.