Police trace local illegal drug trade to Covidien plant

The Daily Star is reporting that an employee at Covidien's Hobart plant, which manufactures pharmaceuticals, is suspected of smuggling oxycodone powder out of the plant. The employee, who is not named in the Daily Star article, is expected to face federal drug charges.

In December, Harpersfield resident Robert Wilsey was arrested and charged with drug possession after a search warrant turned up $50,000 worth of oxycodone powder in his possession. Delaware County sheriff's deputies did not announce Wilsey's arrest until January 11.

Police believe Wilsey got the powder from a Covidien employee, the Daily Star reports:

“We traced the oxycodone back to Covidien,” Delaware County Undersheriff Craig Dumond said.

A Covidien employee is suspected of stealing the drug from inside the plant and transfering it to Robert Willsey, 40, of Harpersfield.

Dumond said the Covidien worker had been sneaking out “a little bit at a time.” That person has been terminated by the company, and charges are expected to be filed against him by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, he said.

A Covidien spokeswoman declined to discuss the case with the Daily Star, but the Delaware County Sheriff's Office has stated that they are working with Covidien to investigate the diversion of pharmaceuticals into the local illegal drug trade.