Letter to the Editor: Let’s turn down the volume and move forward with the Belleayre Resort

Dear Editor:

The Catskill Heritage Alliance has put out the call to their members to come to the Public Hearing May 29, to be bigger, better and, most of all, louder.  Just what we need—another circus.  Before they turn up the volume, I urge you to take a look at their rhetoric. 

Despite the fact that the Belleayre Resort has been reduced in size by 62%, they insist on calling it a mega-development.  Despite the fact that buildings have been clustered and moved off the ridge top, they insist on decrying ridge top development.  Despite the fact that our communities have repeatedly sought improved cell service and telecommunications, they have obstructed it.  They’ll tell you that the lack of cell service along Rte 28 is saving lives.  Tell that to emergency responders and the unfortunate person who hits a deer late at night on a lonely stretch of the highway. 

But wait, they have a plan.  According to their e-mail, they are going to advocate “a far better option, an alternative that can drive sustainable economic development throughout the region.”   Where have they been the last 10 years while dozens of businesses along the Route 28 corridor have permanently closed their doors? 

The full build out of Bellayre Mountain Ski Center and the development of the Belleayre Resort is a real plan that has been exhaustively studied, modified and vetted.  Let’s turn down the volume and move forward with that plan.

Martie Gailes
Big Indian

The letter-writer is married to Gary Gailes, the consultant and spokesman for Crossroads Ventures, the developer of the proposed Belleayre Resort. -- Editor