Letter to the Editor: Tired of outdated complaints about the Belleayre Resort

To the Editor:

I, for one am tired of a hysterical few in the Catskill Heritage Alliance raising absurd, outdated complaints about the Belleayre Resort.

The continue to bemoan the "behemoth" resort, despite the fact that the resort has been reduced by 62%.. They insist on labeling it a "self-contained resort built on a mountain top, when that's simply not true. All buildings have been moved off the ridge top. Rather than "sucking in the vitality of the towns and villages," visitors who have a place to stay here are more likely to explore the area instead of day tripping. Resort guests are expected to spend in excess of $10 million annually in the area shops & recreational venues.

The misinformation is spreading. We now have the Atlantic Chapter of the Sierra Club, The New York New Jersey Trail Conference and the Adirondack Mountain Club weighing in one what can or cannot happen in our back yard. They're perfectly happy to pack a lunch, drop in for a hike and drive home. Home where they can enjoy the amenities we're not allowed to have. Home were villages and restaurants thrive, where recreational assets like swimming pools and tennis courts are permitted.

They'll tell you this is not what they want for "OUR PARK." If it's "OUR PARK," shouldn't the people most affected -- the people who LIVE in the park have a final say? Don't let these organisations hijack home rule. it is time for the residents and businesses to speak up in support of the full build out of The Belleayre Ski Center and the building of the revised Belleayre resort


Alexandria Stanley