Letter to the Editor: If they build it, will they come?

Regarding the resurrected Belleayre Resort, it doesn't take a nobel prize in economics to see the flaws in the developer's business model and projections. Yes, Belleayre needs more lodging options but timeshares? They are not exactly the hottest investment instrument these days. How many high season weeks can be expected in the future? December and March are iffy- that leaves January and February and one week-long school holiday. How about the high end (underground) spa at the top of narrow, steep, twisty 49A? Are people going to spend big bucks for an underground massage and watercress sandwich? The wedding cake design looks more like pie in the sky. Belleayre needs more lodging units- not timeshares and not at the top of the ridge. Belleayre also needs new rental equipment and a bigger rental shop. But if prices keep going up which always accompanies expansion, the crowds will stop coming and the antique ski boots may last a few more years.

Matt Frisch
Highmount, NY
A proud supporter of Save the Mountain and the Catskill Heritage Alliance