Letter to the Editor: I oppose the Constitution Pipeline

To the Editor,

I own land in Delaware County on the proposed route for Constitution Pipeline Company LLC’s high-pressure interstate gas pipeline.

The projected route would run directly under the only area of my property that is buildable. Without being able to build a home, my property becomes significantly devalued if not worthless. The meager compensation typically paid for a right of way is insignificant compared to the purchase price of the property.

This pipeline is open access, and must accept fracked gas along the entire route, which makes gas drilling probable. There will be compressor stations, perhaps on my land. They create a constant source of loud noise, bright light and noxious air pollution, and carry the risk of fire and explosion. Marcellus gas contains high levels of radon, creating a possible health hazard for my family and me.

The pipeline corridor fragments habitat, creates a loss of my privacy, can be accessed at any time, day or night, is maintained with the use of toxic chemicals used to inhibit vegetation, creating danger to me, domestic animals and wildlife.

I would face possible injury, loss of life, increase in medical costs, loss of homeowners and liability insurance, loss of property value, increased and costly difficulties in obtaining real estate financing.

A gas pipeline running through the county will result in considerably lower property values on or near the route. It will inhibit potential property buyers should I try to sell.

I will not personally benefit from the use of gas to heat a home, as Constitution will not make gas available to me.

I advocate for the preservation and enhancement of the rural character of Delaware County; a safe, quiet and scenic environment; a non-industrial agricultural- and tourist-based economy. I oppose the Constitution Pipeline.

Robert Lidsky