Breaking news: baby animals are cute

Above: Faintly, the Fabulous Beekman boys' squee-worthy wee kid -- they have been blogging photos of things around their house that she is smaller than. Photo used by permission.

There's been a barnyard baby boom going on and we're using it as a) a sure sign that spring is around the corner, and b) an excuse to display gratuitous cuteness as a segue into the weekend. 

Meet Harry, the swaddled lamb, as he poses for a photo op at the thrift shop in Youngsville thrift shop. Kimberly Ferstler, who took the picture and sent it to us, is the apprentice at Apple Pond Farm, where Harry is from. The farm is run by Sonja Hedlund and her partner Dick Riseling. They raise sheep, goats, chickens and horses.

And if you like our lamb, you'll go BAH-nanas over our goats. (That's right; I went there.)

These kids were sent in by Robin White of Two Stones Farm in Halcott Center. Two Stones breed crosses of Kiko, Boer, and Arapawa goats, with a few alpacas roaming around the farm, as well. 



...and Paris!

If you have barnyard babies to show off, you can share your photos with us at, or join our Flickr pool.