Around the blogshed

Today in Around the Blogshed news: Do you know a fellow by the name of Elliott Auerbach? Mr. Auerbach is the comptroller for Ulster County, and he keeps a blog called "Ulster County Comptroller: The People's Watchdog." (Hello, Hollywood? Our comptroller is ready for primetime: he's already got his own tagline!)

The blog covers a variety of events around the region, specifically, and in the world of comptrolling, generally. Recent headlines include "COMPTROLLERS UNITED ABOUT RESOURCE RECOVERY AGENCY" and "SEPARATION PAY: The Hidden Cost of Downsizing Government." A recent post also waxed sentimental about Ron Marquette, SUNY Ulster's community relations and special events coordinator, who passed away after the new year.

Auerbach's latest post is of interest to anyone currently in school for business, accounting, finance or economics: the comptroller's looking for interns! College credit is available, and the office is looking to fill positions for the spring and summer.