The real officers of Greene County

Looks like the Greene County village of Coxsackie is seeking a better claim to fame than "that place that got a nasty virus named after it": The village police force may soon be the subject of a reality show.

Last month, the Daily Mail reports, film crews were in Coxsackie to film the pilot for a show tentatively dubbed "Comedy Cops." Daily Mail reporter Melanie Lekocevic writes that the cameras are in town thanks to a fresh rookie on the village police force, 52-year-old John Mulrooney.

Producers Joel Raatz and Alex Landolina brought their crew to town to interview police officers and local officials. The idea for the show was inspired by the recent hire by the Coxsackie Police Department of 52-year-old rookie John Mulrooney, who also happens to be a veteran of another sort - Mulrooney is a nationally recognized comedian.

Yet more proof that you can't swing a cat around here without hitting a random celebrity. (And, if you're not careful, getting arrested for assaulting an officer.)

From the vaults of YouTube: A 1989 video of Mulrooney hosting Comic Strip Live.