Letter to the Editor: James Blake for State Senate

Dear Editor;

My name is James Blake and I am on the ballot for the Thursday, September 13 Republican Primary. I am a strict Constitutional Conservative, what I am not is a champion politician. I am a champion for the children.

It is simple; if our children succeed - our communities will succeed. If we set this as our goal and work together at the local levels, we can succeed at creating vital communities.

I am a fighter and we are in the trenches together. I have lived, worked and survived in a community just like yours and this gives me the unique perspective that a career politician does not have. I know what it takes to pay bills, what it costs to fill your tank with gas and what it takes to raise a family in New York State today. I have listened to people from around the district and what the people want is a chance at “bottom up” solutions. I am offering to take our voices and our ideas to Albany and fight for what is ours.

How do I know that I can help? As a father of five, I understand issues faced by parents of school age children; the lack of transparency in the schools, rising school taxes and the frustration that teachers feel. As a businessman, I understand how unnecessary regulations stifle businesses and how farmers are unappreciated and undervalued. I also understand issues faced by seniors and veterans; I cared for my Uncle in my home for six years and I saw how the system has failed the vets, the elderly and their caretakers.

Placing the children first will unite us; we all want the children to succeed.

James Blake

Republican Candidate 51st Senate District (which includes Schoharie County & parts of Delaware County)

Schenevus, NY