Around the blogshed: the Hokey Pokey, Charleston, and assorted dance edition

Above: Kayaking on the Pepacton Reservoir, lucky ducks. Photo by Tina Schvejda in the Watershed Post Flickr pool.

Although commenting on the weather is this column's part-time vocation, there's little editorializing needed today: the weather is amazing, so read this quickly then get out there and enjoy your weekend!

  • Being uncoordinated, this reporter was never a fan of the Hokey Pokey until THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE did it last week over the Hudson River, putting their collective right foot into history. Bravo to the organizers!
  • Upstater profiles the Shanley in Napanoch; this reporter's hair immediately stands on end.
  • The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater is setting sail on the 30th for a farm-to-[seafaring] table event including songs, sunsets, chardonnay and local fare from a crop of big name local chefs.
  • Sick of the present day? Longing for a time when the Spanish Flu was a vivid memory, barbershop was cutting edge music and Zelda Fitzgerald clones Charlestoned across this great nation? Then Cairo's 1920s festival is for you. Don your best cloche hat or bowler and practice your 20s lingo. (Here's a fun cheat sheet, including 20 ways to describe drunkenness.) 
  • Living social deal for Greene County: Water parks! Irish Alps!
  • Did you just graduate? Are you graduating later? Did you go/are you going to the graduation of someone you love? Am I using the word graduate too often? Anyway, the WP WANTS YOUR GRADUATION PHOTOS. Send 'em to us here, or post them on our Facebook wall.

Looking ahead, we've got a busy weekend coming up; check out the calendar for things to do!