A good backdrop for fear

Another Kind, an independent horror movie, has just finished shooting in the Catskills, according to the website Shock Till You Drop

Another Kind follows four unprepared hikers from New York City on a winter camping expedition in the Catskills. Their adventure soon turns sour when they encounter mysterious forces in the woods. Newcomers Jamie Law, Nate Miller, Laura Ramadei and Patrick Woodall star.

Source: WikipediaSource: WikipediaThe Catskills are a pretty popular place to shoot horror films, as it turns out. We hear that a campy 1974 horror movie called Silent Night, Bloody Night filmed near Margaretville.

And Brooklynite Chris Keating, who blogs at Analog Nation, spent a January weekend in South Kortright shooting a film called The Killing of Jacob Marr. After the film crew's car got stuck in a snowy ditch, Keating recounts, they met some state troopers:

After an hour and a half stuck in a ditch, getting pulled over by the state police wasn’t really a shock. The evening was clearly off the rails anyway, what’s another wrench in the works? We were following Brad’s truck at a very safe pace, so we knew it wasn’t for speeding. Gerard, no stranger to the glare of police headlights, ran the drill: Engine off, keys on the dashboad, interior light on, license and registration out, hands in sight. That led to this exchange:

State trooper: “Are you with the other vehicle?”

Gerard: “Yes we are, officer.”

State trooper: “He’s just got a headlight out, is all. Where you headed?”

Gerard: “South Kortright.”

State trooper: “Okay, but where?”

Gerard: “Not sure, we’re following him to a cabin. He’s directing a movie that we’re making.”

State tropper: “Oh? What brings you to the poorest county in New York?”

Me: “Uh … infusing the area with cash? Economic stimulus sort of thing?”

Alright, I never said that. But seriously, who advertises their county as the poorest in the state? Is it their motto?

Still from Another Kind via Shock Till You Drop.