A ger will rise in Stamford this weekend

A ger is a portable, wood-framed dwelling that is typically found in the Central Asian steppes. (You may know it as a yurt, which is the Russian word; ger is Mongolian.) 

On Saturday, however, the Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve in Stamford will be the site of a day-long ger construction project.  The hexagonal platform on which the ger will rise is already in place; all are welcome to participate in the construction of the frame and its thick felt skin. 

The day's work will be capped with an on-site cookout, so visitors who arrive in the evening are requested to bring a dish to pass.  The food will be accompanied by dancing and live music, and organizers are hoping for striking mountain views by day and first-rate star-gazing by nightfall.

Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve, Inc., 2515 Tower Mountain Road, Stamford, NY.  Saturday, 5.28.2011, 10am-11:30pm  For more information call 607-242-1260 or email dturan@mknhp.com.  Photo via the MKNHP website.