DEC's long-awaited fracking recommendations arriving today

Right on time for its July 1 deadline, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation will be releasing its recommendations for the statewide regulation of hydraulic fracturing today. There will be a big press conference (viewable via webcast) at 11am discussing the recs, so for now, here's a look at the highlights of what will be discussed, as summed up in a press release from the DEC yesterday:

  • High-volume fracturing would be prohibited in the New York City and Syracuse watersheds, including a buffer zone;
  • Drilling would be prohibited within primary aquifers and within 500 feet of their boundaries;
  • Surface drilling would be prohibited on state-owned land including parks, forest areas and wildlife management areas;
  • High-volume fracturing will be permitted on privately held lands under rigorous and effective controls; and
  • DEC will issue regulations to codify these recommendations into state law.