Why I wanna be a butcher

NPR had a great story about Cobleskill's how-to-be-a-butcher "meat lab" yesterday, in which it asked several of the participants why they forked over $3000 to slice flesh for a month. The answers are awesome:

Fred Beckman, who's worked in Manhattan's fanciest restaurants, wants to sell his own foie gras, terrines and sausages.

"There's nothing that's more satisfying than biting into something that has a great deal of good fat," he says.

McKeever Stanley, who's out of a job, loves to dress the venison he hunts every fall.

"My wife one day said, 'Why don't you go to school and do it and get paid for it?'"

And Tom Acampora, a construction worker, wants to build a slaughterhouse next to his home.

"Walk out in the morning with a cup of coffee, start doing some cleanup and get going at my own leisure," he says.