Underage drinking in Saugerties

A wild party on Beaverkill Rd. on Sunday led to a whopping 13 arrests for underage drinking, report the Times Herald-Record and the Daily Freeman.  (One of the underage drinkers who was arrested rammed a car into a police car and then fled the scene.) Now, there's a lot of hand-wringing on the Daily Freeman comment boards about who should be held responsible when teens drink.

From JonInNy: 

Where were the owners of the house that this party took place in? These are the people (parents?) that should be charged and held accountable.

From catsuny:

The season is here and next is those GRADUTION PARTIES and the vehicle accidents where someone looses a young one.It is very sad and alarming to read about these kids .Maybe they should change the driving rules, maybe put driver education back in the schools.

From Butch:

It seems we have one generation of young people who wants to do "grown up" things like sex and drinking..and a generation who hasn't grown up and allows them to.

From Kingstonian:

You always read about incidents involving underaged drinking, yet you never hear about arrest involving the adults who either purchased or served alcohol to the underaged drinkers, wh