Saugerties wants grants to buy Opus 40

The Daily Freeman reports that the town's plan is to buy the massive bluestone sculpture for $800,000 of grant money, and then turn the site over to a private commission to run it without spending taxpayer funds.

Deputy Supervisor Fred Costello Jr. said the town is seeking grants that would total about $800,000 for the purchase of Opus 40. He said the $800,000 is “significantly” less than the asking price, but the town is hopeful the owners will agree to sell the property to the municipality because of their desire to see the bluestone sculpture park remain open to the public. Costello added, though, the town would not be involved in managing the property and taxpayers would not be financially liable for its upkeep.

So far, response in the Daily Freeman's comment section has been negative. One commenter suggested that Saugerties sell the bluestone from the site at a profit. Another, calling himself  Viking1946, is a definite skeptic of the plan:

Can Upstate afford this - apparently Upstate is looking for other peoples money because they do not have the money themselves. It appears to me that we can not even afford to keep up the schools, recreation, roads, sewers that we have.

Where is the business plan, has anyone sought to develop a plan to make this pay for itself. What is going to draw people to this site and spend money.

Maybe we need to integrate a waterpark, carosel or fun rides around the sculpture to draw sufficent people to pay for this.

Maurice Hinchey wrote a business plan for Deam Gitter, lets ask him to do the same for this place before we ask other citizens to pay for this.

Hers anoth suggestion for a poll to the Freeman readers: "Have you ever visited Opus 40?"

At least one reader would say yes. Steven Schimmrich, who blogs as the Hudson Valley Geologist, visited Opus 40 last week and had a blast.