Nobody puts Frances Bean in a corner

When Courtney Love's daughter, Frances Bean, didn't make the lead in the 2006 show at the intense Catskills summer theater camp Stagedoor Manor, Love acted like any meddlesome stage mom would, according to a new book called 'Theater Geek" by Mickey Rapkin:

Love complained about Bean's role in the musical, "Leader of the Pack." "She was in like, some tertiary chorus line. It really p - - - ed me off," Love told Rapkin

The New York Post gleans other tidbits from the book about the dog-eat-dog world of theater camp, including this gem:

Bean was also teased so much that Love had Drew Barrymore, Bean's godmother, call her at camp. "I asked her to have them say over the PA system, 'Francis, you have a phone call from Drew Barrymore,' so the kids would stop making fun of her," Love related.