Marcellus gas well blowout in PA

While New York State is still mulling the pros and cons of Marcellus shale gas drilling, we have a ringside seat from which to watch the drama already unfolding just over the border in Pennsylvania. Exhibit A: a massive blowout last night at a hydrofracked well in Moshannon State Park in Clearfield County. The well spilled about a million gallons of frac fluid as well as unignited gas before it was contained, with help from emergency crews from Texas, around noon today, WJACTV reports:

Around 10:30 a.m., officials checked camps to make sure all campers were evacuated around the site while gas leaked into the air.

According to state Rep. Bud George's office, initial reports from Process Equipment Manufacturers' Association said three of four wells were secured. The other well was releasing frack water and unignited wet gas, which caused the evacuation. Officials said an estimated 1 million gallons of frack water was uncontrolled as of 11 a.m. in the area of exit 111 on Interstate 80.

Not such good news for well operator EOG Resources, says the Wall Street Journal:

Shares of Houston-based EOG were recently down 6.4% at $102.76 on the New York Stock Exchange.

In other Marcellus news, the New York State Assembly is currently weighing several bills related to the regulation of hydrofracking and horizontal drilling, including a proposed moratorium on the practice in New York State. Environmental Advocates of New York is keeping track of their progress, along with dozens of other environmental bills in the legislature, on a page of their website. (See especially items 72 through 76).