Lost and found: Jefferson 11-year-old

The Mountain Eagle has a story today on an unnamed 11-year-old Jefferson boy who was lost in the woods for six hours on Monday -- and ended up home safe and sound, thanks to a team of rescuers and two good dogs named Casey and Crier.

“We were just beginning to scale down the search at around 11:30 p.m. when a couple of fire department volunteers heard the boy calling for help in an area off Dyer Road,” said [Schoharie County Sherrif Tony] Desmond. “They had stayed in the area checking and I’m glad they did. Fortunately they called and found him.”...

...“He went off with the two dogs and they stayed with him,” said Desmond. “He said he could hear the helicopter and people who were looking for him. He was glad we located him.”

Three cheers for happy endings.