Garage fire in Ellenville

A garage on Berme Road in Ellenville was destroyed in an accidental fire yesterday, taking owner Joe Smith's six uninsured vintage cars with it. From the Times Herald-Record:

Harrison Cherry was changing his buddy's fuel pump in the 4,800-square-foot garage of Joe Smith, Cherry's uncle, when a hot light ignited a gas leak and set the building ablaze.

"Harrison stepped out for a moment," Smith said, "and when he came back, there was a fire."

The moral: Don't think that just because you're not driving the bitchin' Camaro up on blocks in your backyard that you shouldn't insure it. Insurance for vintage cars is generally cheaper than regular car insurance, and you can sometimes put several cars on one policy without jacking up the rates. Here's a guide to how it works, from a classic-car enthusiast website.