Extra goodies from All Tomorrow's Parties

Although the once-a-year hipster-fest All Tomorrow's Parties ended on Sunday, videos from our correspondent to the event, Boston music writer Barry Thompson, are still trickling in. Above is Iggy and The Stooges playing "I Wanna be your Dog." Below, a few more live-video treats.

Just in case you missed something from our full-court-press coverage of the festival, here's a round-up of all everything ATP we published this week:

A backgrounder, for anyone who's never heard of ATP.

Barry's dispatches from the festival --including videos of the performances:

Day 1: Introductions all around

Day 2: Dance party at 4pm, anyone?

Day 3: This time with more fog

Steve Albini, music producer and member of the band Shellac, complaining about the festival's fog machine.

Sonic Youth plays "Cross the Breeze."

A new song from the Breeders.

The surreal electronica slowly emerging from the darkness of the Starlight Ballroom? That would be Fuck Buttons.

Can't get enough ATP video? Check out Barry's Youtube channel for more hot snippets.